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Our low interest Mastercard is accepted worldwide and has the special features you want for shopping and travel:

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Greater Woodlawn Secured Mastercard® Credit Card

Build or repair your credit with the Greater Woodlawn FCU Secured Mastercard®, a low-rate credit card with no application fee and no annual fees.

If you need to build or repair your credit, we’ve got the perfect card to help you. Our Secured Mastercard® credit card gives almost anyone the opportunity to build good credit responsibly without paying high rates or outrageous fees.

The Secured Mastercard® is available to Greater Woodlawn FCU members ages 18 and older.

How our Secured Card works:

Apply and Make a Deposit: Submit your application and make a deposit of at least $250 into a qualifying GWFCU savings account; this deposit will be held for the duration of your Secured Mastercard® credit card.

Manage Your Spending: Once approved, you'll be issued your card with a spending limit equal to your deposit. Your card looks like a normal credit card. Use it as you would any other and take care to pay the monthly bill on or before the due date.

Build Credit: Every purchase you make and pay off helps build your credit. All account activity is reported to the major credit bureaus.

Let the Deposit Cover You: When closing your Secured Mastercard® credit card, your initial deposit will be returned, provided the account is in good standing and the full balance paid. If you're in default, the deposit will be used to cover those debts.

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