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Summary of Internet Banking Security


Multi-Layered Security


Data Encryption


The client data stored on our systems has an additional layer of theft protection not commonly found in our industry. In fact, it is the only security layer that can make stolen information useless to the thief. GWFCU’s Internet Banking provider is one of the few Internet Banking providers that use HLDDE (Host Level Dynamic Data Encryption). HLDDE involves the dynamic encryption and decryption of data stored on our host systems. We use accepted industry standard encryption techniques to encrypt data not only in transmission between the Provider and the host processor, but on our servers as well. Powerful on-demand processes


encrypt the data before storage and decrypt it each time it is used. HLDDE works with our multilayered security controls to provide GWFCU and members with a highly secure Internet Banking system. We are constantly safeguarding our systems to protect your members.


Enhanced Security Features


XtraSecure Intrusion Detection


Our Internet Banking Provider monitors unusual activity on our Web site and controls bad password attempts, lockout rates,and intrusion attempt activity through our secure and flexible XtraSecure system. The XtraSecure security console allows credit union security personnel to monitor bad login attempts by hour of the day. Bad login attempts go hand-in-hand with the amount of traffic an Internet Banking Website receives throughout the day. Bad attempt rates become so stable that credit unions can

introduce effective alarm mechanisms for values that exceed the norms for any period of the day. The ‘Alarm Rates’ feature allows credit unions to establish alarm thresholds by any period they choose.  In addition to monitoring general bad login attempts, GWFCU also monitors bad login attempts per IP address. This information allows the credit union to narrow its focus to one offending PC or network, and detect an automated attack against their Internet Banking system.


Multi-Factor Authentication


Our secure login process for online banking requires each of the following:

Token Technologies


In addition to our software based offering, our partnership with OHVA Technologies allows us to provide strong key fob and virtual token solutions as well. OHVA’s optional authentication solutions work right out of the box. Once the database has been configured, users activate their token or software keys themselves. OHVA’s solutions only need Java® software and do not use

Web browser cookies. Plus, their authentication tools cost substantially less than other leading solutions, allowing credit unions to affordably provide widespread deployment among users.


Additional Security Information


GWFCU, along with our Internet Banking Provider, understands security at the controls level and the compliance level. In

addition to the security technologies mentioned, a complete Security Compliance package is available to satisfy the NCUA required vendor oversight program and FFIEC recommended best practice security guidance. The compliance package includes documentation of our Security controls, our Internet Banking Providers SAS 70 audit, external audits, and specific Security Policies related to Internet Banking.

Security Tips:

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